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Country by Country Reporting

Automated reporting solution which produces the ready to submit report with accuracy

Tax compliance is moving at a rapid pace, with almost constant new schemas being released – changing existing legislation and, on occasion, creating completely new reporting requirements. This has led to the requirement of large multinational companieswith group revenue in excess of 750 million Euros which have a presence in the UK or Ireland, to submit a Country-by-Country Report (CbCR). This means that multinational corporations need to deliver accurate reports.

Univius Country-by-Country Solution is a part of our RegTech Suite of Solutions, designed to simplify the tax compliance process and remove the burden of formulating and implementing new compliance policies. It provides customers with a secure place to capture, collect and generate Country-by-Country reportsrequired under BEPS regulations ensuring on-time compliance with reporting mandates. It also streamlines operational procedures and reduces resource requirements, saving time and money.

Key Attributes

Automation of the administrative process

Built-in review and authorization workflows

Dynamic dashboards providing single view capabilities

Verification of business validations & checkpoints

Multi-tenant/ Multi-entity solution to meet your reporting requirement

Value Delivered

Regulatory Complaint

Country-by-Country compliance with regulatory authorities


Ability to review and authorize data


A reliable partner for regulatory processes


Automatic submission of data on a single click


Seamless integration with our product suite

Report Analytics

Comprehensive data reporting capability for online & offline analysis

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