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Big Data Analytics

Derive Meaning out of Your Data for Critical Business and Customer Insights


Most enterprises these days need to routinely pool a massive amount of information pouring in from all sides. Speaking particularly of the Fintech industry, where everything revolves around the data storage, transfer, and management, it is imperative for financial organizations to make a shift from traditional databases to big data solutions.

InfrasoftTech equips financial organizations with achieving their desired big data goals using our established methodology. We help enterprises to make sense of heaps of data by deriving actionable insights using advanced analytics. We empower businesses to easily ingest & transform multi-source moving large scale data streams without any corruption. Our personalized services are developed by a highly skilled team of data scientist by leveraging cognitive analytics and machine learning for improved customer insights and engagement. Unveil valuable business insights for enhanced decision making moving towards a stronger future.

Use cases

Reduces data storage cost

Credit scoring for customers

Personalized marketing

Enhanced fraud detection

Customer Segmentation using specific parameters

Analysis of customer profile for customer acquisition or retention

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