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InfrasoftTech is a socially aware organization since its inception due to the deep belief of its founders that as a business organization, we must be able to return to the society in some or other way from where you earn your profits. The end objective is to have an organization that contributes holistically to the development of the nation and communities we work with.

Traditionally, InfrasoftTech has been working for last two decades donating to various causes like Medical Aid, Food and Education; recognizing the need to fund unsupported NGOs. Infact, many years ago we must have been the unique organization that did away with the traditional budgets allocated for distributing gifts during festivals and used the same for lifting up the lives of young children in unsupported NGOs.

For many years we also successfully ran a program to train undergraduate students or college dropouts in a certain international geography, by bringing the candidates at our cost to India and training the batches in IT in financial services. This was to create a local capacity by way of spreading awareness of the subject among youngsters to encourage them to take up higher studies. At the back of our mind was also a need to generate goodwill overseas of being a serious socially responsible commercial organization.

In the current state, the nation has presented so many clear opportunities for contributing to the nation in parallel to having to be a responsible profit making commercial organization. Swachh Bharat and Vocational Literacy as programs specially addressing the not so privileged strata of the society are important areas where corporate participation can show tremendous results.These have got attention of the government and thus an execution focus of the government machinery.

We are proud that our next few years of CSR program is building towards these two areas. In the present year, InfrasoftTech has contributed in the following programs and will work with the executing agencies closely to see the implementation of these projects. We also plan to encourage voluntary service from our organization in these projects led by NGOs.