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eCO Customer Onboarding

Drive Innovation with Extensive Developer Network & Rich Functionality

In the era of innovation and digital savvy customers, an efficient and exceptional onboarding experience is vital to ensure customer satisfaction and long term retention. An efficient onboarding encompasses an end-to-end process from introduction to the brand/product information to the time the product is activated as well as follow-up activities performed by the business to ensure a smooth start of the relationship. Onboarding platform ‘eCO’ helps you to automate, streamline and optimize the onboarding process to enhance customer’s experience, reduce onboarding time, drive revenue growth and ensure data security. Powered by AI and ML technologies, eCO allows you to capture process-ready documents, automate identity verifications, flexible integration with internal & external systems, perform range of fraud & risk management and offer omnichannel experience.

Key Attributes

Easy integration with existing applications

Automated notifications

AI-enabled platform to enhance onboarding processes

Real-time verification against watch list

Comprehensive Due Diligence reports

Self-Secure data verification and storage


Enhanced Experience

Deliver next-generation customer experience

Robust Compliance

Achieve due diligence procedures with fully-integrated KYC requirements

Omnichannel Experience

Seamless user experience across any channel or device

Seamless Integration

Easy-to-integrate with legacy system with end-to-end automation

Real-time Onboarding

Deliver real-time onboarding updates and track workflows

Increased Revenue

Ensure increased retention rates and upselling& cross-selling opportunities

What they’re saying

InfrasoftTech is more like strategic partner for us. They understood our FATCA and CRS requirements and are always on hand to offer their knowledge and experience. They are extremely responsive and our whole team enjoys working with them. We are very happy with InfrasoftTech.

Lead Director Leading Global Provider of Trust, Company, and Fund Administration Services

What they’re saying

InfrasoftTech is more like strategic partner for us. They understood our FATCA requirement as a professional partner and offered their experience, engagement, and agility in implementing the same in no time. We couldn’t be more proud and happier with InfrasoftTech

Director- Regulatory Reporting Leading Provider of Administration & Fiduciary Services

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