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Conversational UI

Deliver Interactive and AI-enabled Customer Service

As rapid evolution of technology led to the automation of various aspects in the financial sector, a differentiating factor that holds the customer’s attention still lies in “personalization”. Customer service operations of banks and financial institutions require considerable investment with little ROI expectations. On the other contrary, Chatbots or Conversational bots hold the potential to deliver not only significant ROI but also high customer retention rates through personalization. Chatbot Solutions offers a bespoke solution to our banking clientele, with an ability to transform their customer engagement strategy. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing technologies, the bot solution possesses the ability to converse with users in multiple languages through voice or text, understanding their context and providing an educated response to their queries. The conversational bot provides an omnichannel user experience as it seamlessly integrates with various messaging, social media platforms and bank’s legacy systems, creating a unique digital experience for customers.

Key Attributes

Personalised Approach via text or voice

Multi-Lingual capability

Omnichannel and Intelligent

24/7 Accessibility

Contextual Awareness

NLP Capabilities


Proactive Customer Engagement

Better Customer Engagement with personalisation

Loyalty & Satisfaction

High customer retention by providing customer insights

Improved Efficiency

Increased operational efficiency through TAT reduction

Continuous Support

Anytime anywhere availability to never leave a message attended

Increased Revenue

Real-time analytics for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

Personalised Assistant

Creating bespoke products and services as per customer’s behaviour and spending analysis

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What they’re saying

InfrasoftTech is more like strategic partner for us. They understood our FATCA and CRS requirements and are always on hand to offer their knowledge and experience. They are extremely responsive and our whole team enjoys working with them. We are very happy with InfrasoftTech.

Lead Director Leading Global Provider of Trust, Company, and Fund Administration Services

What they’re saying

InfrasoftTech is more like strategic partner for us. They understood our FATCA requirement as a professional partner and offered their experience, engagement, and agility in implementing the same in no time. We couldn’t be more proud and happier with InfrasoftTech

Director- Regulatory Reporting Leading Provider of Administration & Fiduciary Services

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